Puregenix Make Up Remover Wipes 30 Pcs

Puregenix Make Up Remover Wipes 30 Pcs

Puregenix Make Up Remover Wipes 30 Pcs

Alcohol, paraben, SLS free
Colorants free
Dermatologically tested
Skin compatible pH value
Easily and gently removes your face, lip and eye make-up
Completely removes make-up without leaving a greasy feeling or residue on your face
Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft
Cleans your skin without irritating thanks to its soft and silky texture
Relaxes the skin thanks to its aloe vera content
Wipes form provides easy carrying and practical use in daily life and travel
Quantity: 30 pcs


Discover the miracle of aloe vera and experience the power of our makeup cleansing wipes! Specially formulated, our product is designed to provide you with a safe and effective cleansing experience. With its alcohol, paraben, and SLS-free formula, it treats your skin gently, while being free of colorants, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested and with a pH value compatible with your skin, it ensures perfect harmony.

With its soft and silky texture, our makeup cleansing wipes easily and gently remove your face, lip, and eye makeup. While completely eliminating makeup residues, they leave no greasy feeling or residue on your skin. You’ll feel refreshed and your skin will be left soft.

Our makeup cleansing wipes clean your skin without causing any irritation, thanks to their soft and silky texture. Infused with aloe vera, they relax and refresh your skin.

Our wipes stand out with their user-friendly design, making them practical for daily use and travel.

Each pack contains 30 high-quality makeup cleansing wipes. This way, you’ll have an adequate amount for your daily needs and travel requirements.

Effortlessly remove your makeup and indulge in personalized care for your skin with our makeup cleansing wipes. Place your order now and experience the combination of freshness, effective cleansing, and comfort that our product provides.

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