Puregenix Antiviral Wet Wipes 100 Pcs

Puregenix Antiviral Wet Wipes 100 Pcs

Puregenix Antiviral Wet Wipes 100 Pcs

Contains %70 ethyl alcohol
Kills %99,9 of bacteria
Paraben, SLS free
Colorants free
Dermatologically tested
Skin compatible pH value
Provides a sensitive, effective and safe antiviral cleaning at once with its soft and silky texture
Provides maximum hygiene in every use
Prevents dry feeling on the skin thanks to its glycerin content
Quantity: 100 pcs


Looking for a powerful yet gentle antiviral cleaning solution? Our anti-viral wet wipes have got you covered. With a formula containing 70% ethyl alcohol, our wipes effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria, while also being free from parabens and SLS. Our wipes are also dermatologically tested and have a skin-compatible pH value, ensuring they are safe for your skin.

In addition to their powerful cleaning capabilities, our wipes also have a soft and silky texture that provides a sensitive and effective experience, without leaving a dry feeling on your skin. Each pack comes with 100 colorant-free wipes, providing maximum hygiene in every use. Trust our anti-viral wipes to keep you and your family safe and protected.

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