Our company manufactures products such as wet wipes, antiseptic wipes, and hygiene wipes. These products are generally used for personal hygiene purposes. They can be used in various areas, such as cleaning hands and face, disinfecting against germs, and general cleaning.

The content of our products may vary depending on the product type, but generally, they contain water, alcohol, moisturizers, and cleaning agents. All our products are manufactured in compliance with national and international standards.

Yes, all our products have been dermatologically tested. The health and safety of our customers are our top priority, and we ensure that our products are skin-friendly through dermatological testing.

No, our products do not contain harmful chemicals. Our company aims to produce safe and environmentally-friendly products. Our products are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, and the alcohol levels are also skin-friendly.

Puregenix flushable wet wipes is te example of biodegradeble one. The special paper can dissolves in the water when thrown into the toilet.

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk purchases. For more information on wholesale orders and pricing, you can contact our customer service.

Our products are available at local supermarkets, pharmacies, and online retail platforms. You can also purchase our products from our official website.

The shelf life of our products varies depending on the product type but is generally between 2 to 3 years. Storing your products in a cool and dry place will help prolong their shelf life.

No, our products are not tested on animals. We uphold ethical values and do not conduct animal testing. Our products are dermatologically tested on humans.