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High-Quality and Reliable Solutions in Contract Manufacturing

Our company specializes in the production of personal care and hygiene products, such as wet wipes, disinfection wipes, and hygiene wipes. Additionally, we offer contract manufacturing services, providing our customers with customized and high-quality products.

Why Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to market products under their own brand, outsource production processes, and optimize costs. We assist our business partners in achieving growth and gaining a competitive advantage by providing the production of the latest technology and hygiene standard-compliant products.

Contract Manufacturing Process

Our contract manufacturing process is tailored to meet our customers’ needs. From product design to production and packaging, we adopt a flexible approach to meet our business partners’ expectations. Our qualified and experienced team ensures high-quality production, adhering to stringent quality standards, and delivers products on time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience and Expertise: We are experts in wet wipes and related products, and we hold a leading position in contract manufacturing with years of experience.

  • High Quality and Standards: We prioritize the quality and safety of our products. We manufacture in compliance with international standards and conduct regular quality checks.

  • Customization: We personalize the design, the content and packaging processes of products according to our customers’ requirements.

  • Fast Delivery: We ensure fast and timely delivery in our contract manufacturing processes.

For more information about our contract manufacturing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to provide you with the most suitable and effective solutions.

Puregenix Factory


Our contract manufacturing process is customized according to our customers’ needs. First, we collaborate with our customers to determine the product design, specifications, and packaging details. Then, we move on to the production phase, where we manufacture products in compliance with high-quality standards. Finally, the products are packaged and delivered to our customers.

Our company offers contract manufacturing services in the field of personal care and hygiene products, such as wet wipes, disinfection wipes, and hygiene wipes. The design and specifications of these products can be customized to meet our customers’ demands.

Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we conduct regular quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. Our qualified and experienced team ensures that high-quality products are produced at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The minimum order quantity may vary depending on the type of product and specific requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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