Puregenix Intimate Wet Wipes 30 Pcs

Puregenix Intimate Wet Wipes 30 Pcs

Puregenix Intimate Wet Wipes 30 Pcs

Alcohol, Paraben, SLS free
Colorants free
Dermatologically tested
Skin compatible pH value
Provides a sensitive, effective and safe cleaning at once with its soft and silky texture
Provides maximum hygiene in every use
Prevents dry feeling on the skin thanks to its glycerin content
Extremely kind to intimate areas and delicate skin
Quantity: 30 pcs


Introducing our Intim Wet Wipes, exclusively designed for women, keeping in mind the unique needs of sensitive areas and delicate skin. Our wipes are alcohol, paraben, and SLS free, as well as free of colorants, making them the perfect choice for all skin types, especially for women. Dermatologically tested, they have a skin-compatible pH value, ensuring a sensitive, effective, and safe cleaning experience tailored specifically for women’s intimate hygiene.

Our wipes are meticulously crafted to provide maximum hygiene in every use. The soft and silky texture of the wipes ensures gentle and thorough cleaning, leaving you feeling refreshed and maintaining the natural balance of your intimate areas. We understand the importance of preventing dryness, which is why our wipes contain glycerin, keeping your skin moisturized and comfortable throughout the day.

Designed with utmost care, our wipes are extremely gentle on intimate areas and delicate skin, providing the tender care and protection that women deserve. Each pack contains 30 conveniently sized wipes, making them perfect for use on-the-go, while traveling, or for everyday use, ensuring you always have the confidence and freshness you desire.

Experience the ultimate in hygiene and care with our Intim Wet Wipes, specially crafted for women. Order now and indulge in the gentle, effective, and safe cleaning experience that prioritizes your well-being and intimate needs.

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